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Take a alcohol questionnaire today

Our alcohol assessment will help you find out the level of your alcohol dependence and get advice on what this means.

take the questionnaire and then, if you think you need more help, get in touch today and take the next step. We’re looking forward to working with you and helping you towards a better, brighter future.

Please fill in the following alcohol questionnaire selecting one of the options for each question. Enter your email address to receive a free information pack and to view your results.

Questions Part 1: Please indicate below the physical symptoms that you have experienced first thing in the morning during typical periods of heavy drinking.

I Wake Up Feeling Sweaty.

My hands shake first thing in the morning.

My whole body shakes violently first thing in the morning if I don’t have a drink.

I wake up absolutely drenched in sweat.

Questions Part 2: The following statements refer to moods and states of mind you may have experienced during these periods of heavy drinking.

I dread waking up in the morning.

I am afraid of meeting people first thing in the morning.

I feel at the edge of despair when I first wake up.

I feel very frightened when I wake up.

Questions Part 3: The following statements refer to morning drinking habits during any recent period when you were drinking heavily, and periods like it.

I like to have a morning drink.

I always gulp my first few morning drinks down as quickly as possible.

I drink in the morning to get rid of the shakes.

I have a very strong craving for a drink when I wake up.

Questions Part 4:The following statements refer to a degree of alcohol consumption during any recent period of heavy drinking and periods like it.

I drink more than a quarter of a bottle of spirits per day i.e. 4 doubles or 1 bottle of wine or 4 pints of beer/lager..

I drink more than half a bottle of spirits per day or 2 bottles of wine or 8 pints of beer/lager.

I drink more than one bottle of spirits per day or 4 bottles of wine or 15 pints of beer/lager.

I drink more than two bottles of spirits per day or 8 bottles of wine or 30 pints of beer/lager.

Questions Part 5: Imagine the following situations. You have been completely off drink for a few weeks and you then drink very heavily for two days. How would you feel the morning after those two days of heavy drinking?

I would start to sweat.

My hands hands would shake.

My body would shake.

I would be craving for a drink.

Am I an alcoholic?

If you’re asking yourself this tough question, then it could be that alcohol is becoming a problem. So if you’re worried about the role that alcohol is playing in your life, then this alcohol assessment could prove useful.

This is not a comprehensive alcoholism test, so if you’re in any doubt you should take the next brave step and contact Triage for a full assessment, but this alcohol questionnaire will help you make the decision on the next step.

How do we help you after your alcohol assessment?

Triage specialises in helping people like you free themselves from the shackles of alcohol and other addictions. We work with private clinics all around the UK to provide care, treatment and aftercare for clients that are determined to make a fresh start in life and leave alcohol behind.

We can help get immediate access to detox and rehab centres where required. Of course, you might simply need an outpatient course of treatment or even access to Alcoholics Anonymous and a support group that can help you on the first difficult steps to an alcohol-free life.

Who should i speak to after an alcohol assessment?

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you can contact us to take the next step. Your first point of contact will be one of our highly-trained and reputable psychology and healthcare specialists. They are all bound by the rules of patient confidentiality and the highest standards of medical ethics, so you can rest assured that your call will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

We are determined to support you through the next steps and help you towards a better life. We have a team of experienced staff, expert doctors who specialise in the sometimes difficult symptoms of alcohol addiction, trained counsellors who focus all their energy on addictions and excellent nurses. This allows us to give you the best possible chance to move forward quickly and to rediscover your love for life.

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