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Founded in 2001, the treatment centre is a registered treatment facility and community established in the belief that recovery is not only achievable, but that it is the right for all of those suffering from and affected by addiction. Our focus is the continued development of effective treatment protocols that are managed by a team of qualified professionals. The heart of the holistic team lies in our motivation, ethics, dedication, and absolute commitment to the effective and sustainable recovery of those in our care.

Rehabilitation can be defined as the restoration of the individual to their rightful position and potential in life, through training and equipping. Inseparably and critical to a sustainable recovery is the effective training and education incorporated within the individual treatment plan.

Sustainable recovery can be measured by the individualís ability to meet the challenges of society, self-awareness, management of co-morbid disorders, acceptance of responsibility, improved lifestyle and standard of life, not only through abstinence of substance of abuse.

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What makes us special?

The treatment centre is down to earth with a results orientated group of professional staff absolutely dedicated to fighting addiction.

Our staff are members of a recovery team that go beyond the call of duty, using their multi-disciplinary experience and qualifications to achieve the paradigm shift from a Culture of Addiction to a Culture of Recovery.

For our team this is not a job but a passionate calling. Our treatment team views each patient as an individual that they provide an unconditional commitment and positive regard to. Patients are tangibly included and responsible for the development and achievement of their treatment plan.

Our experience, qualified and registered multi-disciplinary team consists of 47 members including:

  • 3 Social Workers and 1 Auxiliary Social Worker
  • 7 Addiction Counsellors
  • 5 Registered nurses
  • Pastor
  • Sessional Doctor
  • Sessional Clinical Psychologist
  • Contracted Psychiatrist
  • Sessional dietician
  • Maintenance team
  • Managed kitchen
  • Administrative team
  • Professional gym instructor
  • Karate instructor

We have an extensive track record of providing a caring and effective treatment modality that is effective in breaking the hold of addiction and restoring life.

Programme Overview

Holistic treatment is critical. All areas of concern are addressed during treatment. These would typically include all co-morbid or dual diagnosis, posttraumatic stress, past traumas including abuse, process addictions etc.

It has been established that sufficient time in treatment is inseparable to a successful and sustainable outcome. The treatment centre therefore offers a long-term programme that provides a therapeutic community which embodies and lives the culture of recovery.

The core of the Minnesota programme is to facilitate a minimum of Step 7, with each step being processed, evaluated and managed through an individual structured treatment plan.

Each individual treatment plan is structured on establishing the effective paradigm shift from a culture of addiction to a culture of recovery through the application of working and living a 12 step programme. This is further facilitated through rigorous management and treatment protocols.

In order to thoroughly address all areas requiring treatment and to ensure that no stone is left unturned, the treatment centre provides specialised treatment tracks, which incorporate specific programme interventions for eating disorders, abuse, sexual addiction, cocaine & crack, heroin and opiates.

The programme includes relapse prevention training and the development of a life plan that embodies the individualís life in recovery.

Facilities and accommodation

The treatment centre facilities are extensive and dedicated to the recovery community. Five staff members reside on-site who, together with the Registered Nurse, ensure effective 24-hour coverage.

23 acres of land situated close to a quiet beach

  • Three swimming pools
  • Volley ball court
  • Farm style football field
  • Obstacle Course
  • Surf Club
  • Small Library
  • Private Karate Dojo affiliated to
  • JKA & ladies self-defense classes
  • Well-equipped gym with personal group trainer
  • Sauna
  • Dedicated medical facility
  • In-house AA & NA meetings
  • In-house cell group
  • Separate female & male residencies, with their own lounges and TV
  • Separate Transitional House
  • Separate Halfway House
  • Tuck-shop
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Lecture and Dining Hall
  • Band