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The Clinic is Scotland’s leading independent acute psychiatric hospital. The hospital has an excellent reputation for its range of services and standards of psychiatric and psychological care in the areas of addictions, general psychiatry and eating disorders.
The goal of treatment on our addictions treatment programme is to facilitate long-term recovery through abstinence, restoring psychological and physical wellbeing as quickly as possible, thus helping patients to regain control of their lives. All patients are admitted under the care of a consultant psychiatrist and have a named primary nurse who co-ordinates their programme.

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What makes us special?

The Clinic offers a programme to treat alcohol addiction, designed to meet individuals’ needs and lifestyles. The addiction treatment programme is Consultant-led and provides intensive treatment, education and support designed to help individuals face the reality of their dependency and promote the restoration of physical and emotional health. The programme aim is to minimise the psychological and physical distress of withdrawal by establishing abstinence in a safe and supportive environment.

Treatment plans are tailored to the specific needs of the individual by a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team of Consultant Psychiatrists, Therapists and clinical staff. The addiction treatment programme is delivered using a 12 step abstinence-based therapeutic model. The general therapy programme is ideal for those seeking freedom from depression, anxiety, intrusive and obsessive thoughts and stress. It uses cognitive behavioural techniques delivered during individual one-to-one sessions or in a group setting.

The programme is suitable for all addictions including:

• Alcohol addiction
• Drug addiction and substance misuse
• Gambling addiction
• Shopping addiction
• Co-dependency
• Sex addiction
• Internet addiction

Our expertise in treating dual-diagnosis patients is unmatched by other service providers. Co-morbid conditions frequently treated include depression, anxiety, PTSD and trauma, or other illness that present in addition to a primary addiction.

Programme Overview

The addiction treatment programme provides a 28-day inpatient stay. The hospital also offers a free and comprehensive family programme to family members of the person in treatment. This offers family members the opportunity to gain support and insight into recovery from addiction,
focusing on key aspects of addiction such as co-dependency, the symptoms and phases of addiction and healthy detachment. Seven-day inpatient detoxification or a special 14-day inpatient detox can also be arranged on request. The Clinic offers a comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programme including:

• Consultant or Medical Assessment
• Detoxification Programme
• Group Therapy
• One-to-One Therapy
• Educational Lectures
• Holistic Activities
• Family Participation Programme

Facilities and accommodation

The hospital is a Grade II listed building and has a homely atmosphere offering patients hope, healing and sanctuary in a relaxed and informal environment. Patient care is our first priority and we make every effort to ensure that each patient’s stay is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Each patient has the privacy of his or her own comfortable bedroom, with television, telephone and en-suite facilities. Patients are encouraged to have their meals in the main dining room, which offers an excellent choice of dishes, including special dietary requirements if required.

The hospital has a number of consulting rooms, group rooms and activity rooms that have been designed for maximum comfort and wellbeing. The hospital has residential facilities for 42 inpatients aged 16 years and over.