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Finding a Local Alcohol Rehab Clinic

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What People Say About Us

"... They can help you feel better and in control of your life and much more. In 2010 I was desperate, desperately ill, lonely and in need of decent medical help. With Triage I carried out a full detoxification and took up there support package after. I recommend aftercare support 100% to help you get by and live your life how you know really deep down want it to be. Their support from day 1 right till today has been outstanding. Now over 4 years of abstinence from alcohol, Im not looking back at all. With Triages help and support I got fully better, gained respect back, got my confidence back and they SAVED MY LIFE..."

testimonial by Jason A

"Without Triage I would not be here now."

testimonial by Nigel B

"We wish to express our deepest thanks to you for all your assistance in finding a residential treatment clinic to deal with our son's alcohol addiction. Thanks to your intervention he was admitted to a clinic that same day and indeed was even picked up from the hospital and taken there by one of their staff."

testimonial by Colin

Take the first step towards freedom from addiction and search for your local rehab clinic in our extensive online database. Drug and alcohol addiction can be a hard battle to beat, but by searching for rehab clinics in your local area you’re already taking an important first step on your journey.

Local Alcohol Rehab Clinics you can trust

There are many alcohol clinics across the UK that can help you to overcome your addiction to alcohol. Whilst treatment programmes can vary from clinic to clinic, you can expect all to have excellent reputations, caring staff and welcoming atmospheres to help to put you at ease as you undergo rehabilitation. Some people visit their local alcohol clinic as outpatients in order to partake in regular one on one therapy sessions or community therapy programmes. Others will become temporary residents of the alcohol rehab clinic and use their stay at the facility to find relief from the stresses of daily life and avoid the temptation of alcohol whilst they begin to recover from their addiction.

Looking for Drug Rehab Clinics?

Residential rehab clinics give patients the opportunity to deal with the physical and emotional side effects of drug withdrawal during their rehabilitation. A rehab clinic will provide a number of services such as counselling and community therapy whilst medical professionals continue to assess their condition throughout their stay. Many people attempting to overcome drug addiction will find the support and advice they need from both medical professionals and their peers at a rehab clinic. For many it is an opportunity to deal with the emotional problems that caused their addiction as well as the struggle of beating the addiction itself.

Using our directory to find a Local Rehab Clinic

You can use our directory to search for your nearest rehab clinics and explore the treatment programmes and facilities at each one. When you find a clinic that suits your location and requirements, you can contact them directly to book in or request further information. When booking into a rehab clinic you will be thoroughly assessed by a medical professional before a treatment plan is put into place. Although this may seem like a daunting prospect, it is an important first step that will lead to a life that is free from drug and alcohol addiction.