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Triage healthcare was created to improve the facilities available for people in the UK who feel that they might be suffering from addiction problems, and to provide free and confidential advice to individuals, concerned friends and family about the options on the table regarding addiction treatment.

That can involve advising on what works and what doesn’t for different types of addiction based on existing evidence, and providing detailed information about local rehabilitation facilities and practical help to anyone who needs it.

At Triage we work directly with private rehab clinics in the UK and beyond, meaning wherever you are we can find something to suit your needs as well as how you wish to be treated and how much money you have available to pay for treatment.

Whether you live in England, Scotland or wales, you can find an Alcohol Rehab Clinic near you

Our partners include rehab clinics in the UK – England, Scotland and Wales – as well as further afield. Within England alone you’ll find 25 clinics and residential treatment centres, providing you or your loved one with the best chance of getting back on your feet and turning your life around.

You’ll never pay more for care through Triage than you would by going directly, and by speaking to our advisors you can ensure that your drug or alcohol detox starts as soon as possible – in some cases, you can even save money by going through Triage. We carefully monitor all of our partners to ensure that the addiction service they provide is top notch – and if that wasn’t enough reassurance, they’re all monitored by the Care Quality Commission too.

As well as suggesting the most effective treatment options for individual needs and budgets, where private funds are not available Triage advisors can direct individuals to local NHS services that may be able to help, as well as any other free local support that may be available, and info on fellowship meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous and similar groups.

We can also offer a wide selection of free literature to sufferers of addiction problems as well as professionals in the field and concerned friends and family who wish to learn more.