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Rehab News: Mixing alcohol with energy drinks to increase the buzz

Feeling 'the buzz' from drinking is often the reason why people drink, and although most individuals are aware of the risks of drinking to excess, they continue to do so and put their lives at risk to enjoy the feeling of being light headed and not entirely control over their actions.

However for those who go out and drink on a regular basis, there may come a time when they feel they need to 'up the ante' and try new things to get the buzz they used to feel, and one of the most common strategies to do this is by mixing alcohol with energy drinks, thereby increasing the feeling  of hyperactivity and elation.

Unfortunately although many people indulge in this behaviour, it can be very dangerous is done without consideration for the risks.  Energy drinks, due to their ingredients, naturally raise an individual's heart rate, and when mixed with alcohol they can have a very dangerous effect, especially if consumed in large quantities.  Drinking energy drinks on their own can lead to headaches, insomnia and anxiety, and when mixed with alcohol these feelings can become exaggerated, and other risks occur.  For example drinking high quantities of energy drinks could lead to heart problems if combined with extreme strenuous activity, and many people when they drink feel very overconfident and little pain thus resulting in them engaging in risky high strain activities, such as fight or even running home from the bar.

Research has shown that there has been a huge risk in the number of people having to seek medical advice as a result of consuming energy drinks, both on their own and with alcohol, and experts are advising that individuals take care when choosing to consume these drinks, and try to limit them especially with alcohol.  For those who have concerns about their drinking behaviour it is important that they seek help at alcohol centers to prevent their drinking from putting their life at further risk, and hopefully encouraging them to take responsibility for their behaviour and well being.



DrugFree. (2013).  Number of ER visits involving energy drinks doubled from 2007 to 2011.  Sourced from: provides highly practical help for people with alcohol problems, their friends and relatives. also provides free resources for healthcare professionals such as medical information and alcohol treatment guidelines.




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