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Rehab News: Attend alcohol retreats to learn coping strategies for stress other than alcohol abuse

We all respond to stress differently, and while some people are able to overcome this unpleasant sensation with relative ease, and seem to breeze through stressful events with little negative outcome, for many of us stress can have a huge negative impact, causing many health problems.

However for some people the way they choose to cope with stress can be just as dangerous as stress itself.  For some the decision to drink to relax after stressful events can seem like a natural choice, however this can be a risky decision as many individuals are unable to recognise when their drinking becomes problematic, and begin to drink in response to small stresses or even events that haven't happened yet.  This form of response can be very dangerous, and lead to severe drinking problems.  For many people in order to better deal with stress, and learn to live their life without the support of alcohol, they may need to attend alcohol retreats to learn coping strategies.

The link between stress and problem drinking has long been known by scientists, however recent studies are beginning to reveal more about this link and how it functions.  In one study researchers have found that those who drink in response to stress may do so due to certain wiring in the brain (Medical News Today, 2012).  It was found that those who have very active reward networks in their brain are much more likely to drink in response to stress than those who have less active reward reactions in the brain.  These findings are important as it helps to explain why some people choose to drink because of life events, while others don't, and could also help lead to new ways of identifying those at risk of problem drinking. 



Medical News Today.  (2012).  Threat, rewards and stress come together to predict problem drinking.  Sourced from: provides highly practical help for people with alcohol problems, their friends and relatives. also provides free resources for healthcare professionals such as medical information and alcohol treatment guidelines.




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