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How the 12 step programme works
In order to use something efficiently and effectively it is first important to know how and why it w
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Safe drinking guidelines
Trying to help people remain in control of their drinking can be a tough task; alcohol consumption i
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Mobile app may help people recovering from alcohol abuse
You may assume that once you've committed to completing a rehab program actually completing it is go
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Drinking alcohol more than twice a week increases risk of stroke mortality
Staying healthy often seems to be a battle these days, it appears that virtually everything can incr
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Chief medic criticises alcohol retailers
Whenever you need to tackle a difficult problem, the most effective method is to try and make change
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Can fear of cancer keep college kids from binge drinking
It's a general rule of life that if we know something bad will happen because of our actions, we pro
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Advice for someone affected by a family member drinking
When it comes to addiction it is easy to become blindsided by the actions and needs of the addiction
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Heavy Drinkers could be considered for liver transplants
Heavy drinkers who have been diagnosed with liver disease and a severe alcohol problem for the firs
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Five reasons to stop drinking for a month
No one really wants to give up something they enjoy, but sometimes we reach a point where we recog
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Middle aged binge drinkers double risk of early death
Often we cannot know what affect our actions will have until some time in the future, and this is ce
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