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Third of Scots have turned up to work suffering from drink or drugs
Sometimes it can be hard to recognise when alcohol has taken over your life, often the beginning sig
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Helping a teenage child with alcohol problems
It seems that hold that alcohol has on us as a nation is growing, and it is not picky about who it g
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Five reasons to quit alcohol and enjoy life
Money – Money is often one of the strongest motivators for anything in our life, it's why we
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Getting alcohol help in London
It's an unfortunate fact that alcohol abuse often seems to strike in the heart of big cities; the op
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Why a rehab programme in South Africa works
Almost everyone loves to get away from it all, for some this may mean booking a hotel down the road,
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UK has most delusional drinkers
The reasons why we might choose to start drinking are varied; it might be due to peer pressure, enjo
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The rocketing cost of treating alcoholism and homelessness in the USA
The cost of alcoholism is high and varied, there is obviously the actual cost to the individual incu
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How the 12 step programme works
In order to use something efficiently and effectively it is first important to know how and why it w
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Safe drinking guidelines
Trying to help people remain in control of their drinking can be a tough task; alcohol consumption i
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Mobile app may help people recovering from alcohol abuse
You may assume that once you've committed to completing a rehab program actually completing it is go
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