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How to Motivate someone to seek help for alcoholism

Book - How to enjoy life without alcoholby Dr Bruce Trathen MBBS MRC Psych, Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist.

This book gives practical and sensible advice on the understanding and treatment of alcohol addiction.

It is to be distributed with the understanding that it is used as a guide and that the user seek the services of a competent professional for treatment.

How to Motivate someone to seek help for alcoholism is available as a full book for free in PDF format.

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It’s important that loved-ones realise that the choices of a person with an addiction are not the rational choices of an individual with their full faculties. Individuals suffering from addiction are not only likely to make poor choices due to the substances they use, but also due to the changes in their brain that these substances cause.

Therefore trying to persuade an individual to stop drinking can be an extremely frustrating and often a fruitless task, and can cause friction on both side. However while direct attacks and persuasion are unlikely to bring about change, this is not to say that individuals should not be encouraged to consider the effects their alcohol abuse is having. But in most cases, this needs to come in the form of support and understanding rather than accusation or assault, and while encouraging an individual to seek help for their addiction can help promote long term recovery, the opposite approach can lead to even more detrimental behaviours.

But no matter what you may say to an individual, ultimately it always needs to be their choice to seek help, and if this can be achieved, alongside love and support from friends and family, there is a much better chance of long term recovery.