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Products and foodstuffs to avoid when using antabuse

Disulfiram (Antabuse): advice for patients

The following headings cover many of the day to day product types you may purchase and some guidance of a more general nature.


It is best to use an alcohol free type.


These are normally safe, provided they are non alcohol based. However, if they are cider or wine vinegars, it is best to avoid them.


It is best to buy an alcohol free type.


Some contain alcohol, so best to avoid them. Some alcohol free products will be on sale soon. Check with your pharmacist or dentist.


Your pharmacist should be consulted at all times.


Many proprietary products contain alcohol and you should look carefully at the ingredients listed on any product you may purchase. If you purchase a product from a pharmacy and you are in doubt, please consult the pharmacist.


This includes orange and other fruit juices. Proprietary brands are unlikely to interfere with the metabolism of Antabuse. High dose Vitamin C (intravenous) can affect the Antabuse/Alcohol reaction, but will only be given under the supervision of a doctor.


Most sauces e.g. white wine, contain only a small amount of alcohol. However, cooking for a few minutes at a high temperature will evaporate off the alcohol, since it has a low boiling point, but the flavours will remain. Food which contains ‘un-cooked’ alcohol, such as sherry trifles, should be avoided.


Permanent dyes are acceptable, but some rinses contain alcohol and should be avoided.


This should be completely avoided.

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