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Alcohol Rehab Centre & AA Meetings in Northampton

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There are a range of affordable methods for alcohol rehab in Northampton. The most successful step to curing alcoholism is completing a treatment programme in a rehab centre in Northampton. In the comfort of a safe environment, alcohol addicts are treated with alcohol or addiction counselling, in sessions ranging from one-on-one, to group meetings and even teaching formats. The format of alcohol rehab in Northampton can therefore be tailored to each individual, depending on their personal needs and history of addiction.

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Northampton Alcohol Rehab Centre options

Call 0845 527 2765 for further advice on alcohol rehabilitation and treatment in Northampton – an advisor will prepare a suitable care plan for recovery, based on the individual’s needs and history.

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Are you looking for AA Meetings in Northampton?

Following the completion of a course of alcohol rehab in Northampton, recovering addicts are encouraged to attend AA meetings held regularly across the city. By providing a network of support after rehab, these meetings offer stronger barriers against relapsing and act as a powerful source of self-help. Again, there is no pressure to talk as recovery is tailored to the individual, and anonymity is fiercely protected – while there are many drop outs, those who continue to attend AA meetings in Northampton have an excellent rate of recovery.

NorthamptonNorthampton Mind Centre, Anchor House, 6-7 Regent SqFriday20
Northampton A Vision For You2nd Floor, Bridge Centre, 63 Gold St.Thursday12
Northampton As Bill Sees ItSalvation Army HQ, Tower St, (off Broad St)Wednesday20
Northampton Just For TodayNorthampton Mind Centre, Anchor House, 6-7 Regent SquareSaturday12
Northampton ShareAnchor House, 6-7 Regents SqSunday11

Alongside attending AA meetings in Northampton, it is also vital to ensure an aftercare plan is put in place to avoid situations which could lead to a relapse. We provide recovering addicts with follow-up telephone calls once they have left the rehab centre and encourage the support of family and friends.