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Our Northampton psychology team are recognised through the addiction field as a central point of excellence, for expertise in identifying, assessing, treating and providing alcohol, drug and other addiction help.

SCRC Treatment

Residential Alcohol Rehab Clinics

The most successful form of recovery will come from completing a treatment program in an rehab clinic

Residential alcohol treatment in Northampton, provides a safe environment in which to receive alcohol or addiction counselling. Northampton alcohol clinics provide counselling which can be delivered in a one to one, group or even a teaching format.

Remember we are here to help you. are here you for 7 days a week to offer you free confidential advice. We have been helping people get the support they need for over 10 years.

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Alcohol Rehab Help in other locations

Information on alcohol detox & rehab treatment options in other locations which may be of interest to you include:

Local AA Meetings to Northampton

AA meetings are held all across the UK and provide a network of support or a form of self-help for alcoholics. AA meetings are spiritual, not religious, there is no requirement to talk at a meeting and anonymity is protected rigorously. Drop out rates are high, but for those that remain abstinence rates are excellent.

Our latest records show that the following are a list of meetings close to you.

Please always check a meeting is on prior to attending.

NorthamptonNorthampton Mind Centre, Anchor House, 6-7 Regent SqFriday20
Northampton A Vision For You2nd Floor, Bridge Centre, 63 Gold St.Thursday12
Northampton As Bill Sees ItSalvation Army HQ, Tower St, (off Broad St)Wednesday20
Northampton Just For TodayNorthampton Mind Centre, Anchor House, 6-7 Regent SquareSaturday12
Northampton ShareAnchor House, 6-7 Regents SqSunday11

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