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The following points of information on vodka detox are prepared under the supervision of Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist Dr Bruce Trathen MBBS MRCPsych, and Senior Addictions Therapist David Goodlad FRSPH MA Dip. MBACP (Snr. Accred) UKRC NCAC CADC.

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What is a Vodka Detox?

A vodka detox refers to the process involved in helping a person to become completely free from alcohol. By controlling withdrawal symptoms with medication a vodka detox aims to alleviate as many unpleasant and potentially dangerous symptoms as possible. Typically, medication such as Librium, Diazepam, or  a combination of the two or other combinations of drugs will be used in detoxification.

As vodka is a strong spirit, it means physical addiction can be reached sooner than if other types of alcohol is abused, such as wine or beer. A 70cl bottle of vodka on average contains around 30 units of alcohol (Trathen et al., 2008).  Generally physical dependence can be reached if drinking around 100 units a week for males and 70 units a week for females.

The physical and psychological impacts of an alcohol addiction can be devastating to the person with the problem and those around them. Treatment at a vodka rehab and addiction clinic can offer support and help with addressing all areas of the dependence, and provide the opportunity to start a life free from alcohol.

When should someone be admitted to a rehab unit to detox from vodka

Anyone who is physically addicted to vodka or other types of alcohol can benefit from admission to vodka detox or alcohol detox program. Physical addiction is indicated when the person experiences withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking suddenly without any medication. This can be physical symptoms such as sweating, shaking, and vomiting, or psychological symptoms such as intensely obsessing about a substance, depression or anxiety. Vodka rehab helps support the individual in dealing with all of these symptoms.

 If you suspect that you or your loved one has an alcohol dependence, call us. The sooner it can be addressed, the quicker you can become alcohol free safely.

Why a professional detox program?

Sudden withdrawal from certain substances, including alcohol, can potentially be life-threatening, and very unpleasant. It is therefore important to access a professional vodka rehab where the provision is made to cater for these risks. Residential detox in a vodka rehab is the safest way to detox from alcohol for medical reasons, as it provides the appropriate medical assessments, medication and ongoing support from professional, experienced staff in order for the detox to be completed safely.

How long can it take to detox from vodka?

The length of vodka detox and vodka addiction rehab program will depend on the severity of the dependence. A detox for alcohol typically takes between 7 and 10 days.

For the best outcome of success, a vodka detox should be accessed as part of a full psychological treatment programme. This is supported by the National Treatment Outcome Research Study (NTORS) in 1996 that showed those who completed a minimum of 28 days in a treatment centre were four times more likely to maintain abstinence than others

Where to find Vodka Addiction Rehab Centres in the UK

There are a number of different vodka addiction rehab options, and it is important that the treatment is tailored to the individual – addiction is different for each person; there is no “one-size-fits-all solution”.

We understand that there may be concerns regarding treatment, particularly in terms of cost, location and success. That is why we are here. Our advisors can advise on the appropriate treatment programme for you or your loved one, that will allow highest outcome of success, based on your individual circumstances, budget and needs.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the full range of treatment services and will advise you independently of any particular alcohol rehab centre. Triage Healthcare regulates the standard of service provided on behalf its partners and ensures they are registered with the appropriate professional bodies. If you arrange treatment through Triage Healthcare you will never pay more and in some cases you will pay less for residential treatment than by booking direct with a vodka addiction rehab centre.



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