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What is alcohol Addiction?

The term Alcohol Addiction is used for an alcoholic or a person suffering from the illness of alcoholism and implies the person drinks too much on a regular basis. Medically, Alcohol Addiction refers to either a psychological addiction to alcohol or a physical addiction to alcohol.

Psychological alcohol Addiction

Psychological alcohol Addiction can refer to anyone suffering from marked cravings to use alcohol or who has developed a regular routine of alcohol use and who routinely places more importance on the use of alcohol than other important activities.

Physical alcohol Addiction

Physical alcohol Addiction occurs when someone suffers from alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as tremor and sweating when going without a drink for a period of time.

Alcohol Addiction is an illness, and research indicates that alcohol Addiction not only runs in families but does have a hereditary (genetic) component.

Alcohol Addiction symptoms

Alcohol Addiction symptoms include psychological dependency symptoms as well as physical alcoholism symptoms. Psychological alcohol Addiction symptoms include prioritising alcohol use over other importance tasks, development of a regular drinking routine, and craving for alcohol. Physical Alcohol Addiction include alcoholism withdrawal symptoms, the development of tolerance to alcohol and the use of alcohol to relieve alcoholism withdrawal symptoms.